Phocus Education collaborates with several large organizations like the Central Organization for Swedish Ice Hockey Players (SICO) and youth academies around Europe. Since respect for the private life is of highest importance to our clients, not least because many of them are public figures, we choose not to specify which athletes we work with - clients at Phocus Education can always expect the outmost discretion. However, a few clients have agreed to talk about themselves and their experience with Phocus Education down below in testimonials. Please have a look in order to see what they think about us. We are very proud of it.  

About the courses in Management

This course was very interesting. My best advise is to be openminded for different kinds of leadership and try to put yourself in place of different situations, not just the position you are in today. I liked that it was not only about the sports world which allowed me to think outside the box.

Max Friberg

St. John's Icecaps

About the Personal Finance course

The course was well put together and instructive. You will in a simple way learn the basics about how our economy works.

Mattias Guter

Karlskrona HK

About the Personal Finance course

The course was interesting and increased my interest for stocks and bonds. Through the course, you get a well founded knowledge about how to handle your own savings, it becomes easier to understand what you own as well as how to invest your money for a higher return.

Mattias Nilsson

Leksands IF

About the Personal Finance course

Taking the course is a good way of gaining insights in how the economy works. You are given an overview of how different decisions will affect your savings in a positive way.

David Rundblad

SKA Sankt Petersburg

About the courses in Management


This course fit me very well, as I did't have a high shcool diploma. Since you are able to direct the tempo yourself, could I follow the course without any problems at the same time that I was playing football and working. I jave already used a lot of what we read both at the playing field and outside. A course I highly recommend.

Frank Pettersson

Dalkurd FF

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