The idea for Phocus Education was born in 2011 when we saw a growing problem with how athletes' skills were not properly utilized when they came out into the civilian working life. We noticed that many former elite athletes had attributes that should be highly valued in the workplace, such as team spirit and strong work ethic, but that many still seemed to end up in jobs they didn't really like. We thought that this was something that could be prevented by giving athletes academic support and assistance to prepare for a civilian career. After a successful pilot project with the Central Organization for Swedish Ice Hockey Players, Phocus Education was founded in 2012 and has expanded steadily since then.

Phocus Education is the biggest company in Sweden to help athletes prepare for their future civilian careers. We have, along with other leading entities in European sport also developed the first European guidelines for the "second career". You're welcome to read them here. More information about the actual work of developing the guidelines is available here.
In 2017 Phocus Education has been involved in the process of developing "The World Standard for Player Development".

Phocus Education has contact with player unions all over the world in order to have effective collaboration regardless of where in the world the sports clients are at the moment. We are members of Paads (Professional Association of Athletes Development Specialists), the leading organization for this type of issues with members worldwide.

On a regular basis Phocus Education participates in international sports conferences. This way we can ensure that we are always at the forefront of the latest advances in the sports industry. In recent years, we have visited the Athletes Development Summit in New York, The Player Development Conference in Melbourne and PDM Conference in Helsinki, among others.

To support and guide active sportsmen and -women in a structured way, to help them make the most of their time as professional athletes. To prepare and take action in order to make the transition to a civilian career as successful and smooth as possible.



A sports industry where all athletes feel safe and confident with their current and future situation.

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